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1Aber 3+0 Jan2019 / UKTB Jan 2019 (Induction)Level 10-East Anglia10:00 AM1:00 PMGoal Setting & Creativity/ Leadership & Communication/ Backed4Life(L) Mr. Kumar
2Aber 3+0 Yr1 Sept2018Level 10-East Anglia2:00 PM5:00 PMThe Law of Obligations 1(L) Mr. Predeep
3Accounting & Finance -Law Year-2 Sep2018Level 10-Kingston2:00 PM5:00 PMManagement Accounting 2/1 (L) Mr. Kelvin
4ALA & ALS Year-1 Jan 2019Level 3A-Leicester10:45 AM12:15 PMEconomics(L) Mr. Raymond
5ALA - FT Year-1 Apr2018Level 10-Wrexham8:30 AM10:30 AMLaw - Tort(L) Ms. Theebana
6ALA - FT Year-1 Apr2018Level 13-Prodigy11:45 AM1:15 PMEconomics (T) GP-AMs. Sunitha
7ALA - FT Year-1 Apr2018Level 13-Norwich11:45 AM1:15 PMLaw - Contract(T) GP-BMr. Sivapragrasam
8ALA - FT Year-1 Apr2018Level 13-Prodigy1:30 PM3:00 PMLaw - Contract(T) GP-AMr. Sivapragrasam
9ALA - FT Year-1 Sep2018Level 1-Hertfordshire8:30 AM10:30 AMLaw - English Legal System(L) Mr. Predeep
10ALA - FT Year-1 Sep2018Level 1-Hertfordshire11:00 AM1:00 PMBusiness Studies(L) Ms. Shanthi
11ALA Year-1 Jan & June 2018Level 2-London8:30 AM10:00 AMBusiness Studies (GP A)(T) Mr. Raymond Tan
12ALA Year-1 Jan & June 2018Level 2-Hull8:30 AM10:00 AMEconomics (GP B)(T) Ms. Myuree
13ALA Year-1 Jan & June 2018Level 2-Hull10:00 AM11:30 AMBusiness Studies (GP B)(T) Mr. Raymond Tan
14ALA Year-1 Jan & June 2018Level 2-London10:00 AM11:30 AMEconomics (GP A)(T) Ms. Myuree
15ALA Year-1 Jan & June 2018Level 2-London12:00 PM1:30 PMTort Law (GP B)(T) Ms. Theebana
16ALA Year-1 Jan & June 2018Level 2-Hull12:00 PM1:30 PMContract Law (GP A)(T) Mr. Predeep
17ALA Year-1 Jan & June 2018Level 3-Manchester2:30 PM4:30 PMTort Law(L) Ms. Theebana
18ALS Year-1 Jun2018Level 5-Science Lab 28:30 AM10:30 AMBiology(L) Ms. Surinder Kaur
19ALS Year-1 Jun2018Level 10-Kingston8:30 AM10:30 AMFurther Mathematics(L) Mr. Tan
20ALS Year-1 Jun2018Level 10-Kingston10:45 AM12:45 PMPhysics(T) Ms. Thong
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