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1UKT/OUL (PRO) FT 2018Level 1-Reading10:00 AM1:00 PMCritical Thinking in the Legal Environment(L) - Representative
2UKT/OUL (PRO) FT 2018Level 1-Reading2:00 PM5:00 PMLegal Tech @ Chambers & Court(L) - Representative
3UKTB Year-2 Sep2016Level 3A-Tresforest2:30 PM4:30 PMEthics of Communication(L) Mr. Muniandy
4UKTB Year-1 Sep2017Level 2-London10:00 AM1:15 PMBasic Business Statistic 2(E) - Invigilator
5UKTB Year-1 Sep2017Level 2-London2:30 PM5:45 PMMarketing Management 2(E) - Invigilator
6UKTB Year-2 Apr2017Level 10-Kingston12:00 PM2:00 PMCommunity Service(L) Ms. Punitha
7UKTB Year-1 Apr2018Level 1-Colchester12:00 PM1:30 PMManagement (L) Ms. Premila
8UKTB Year-1 Apr2018Level 1-Newcastle2:00 PM3:30 PMMicroeconomics (T) Mr. Raihan
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